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Pulp pumps

Pulp pumps


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Pulp Pump:
Product Overview:
It adopts single stage single suction cantilever centrifugal pulp pump, 3-6 pieces of full open type impeller, economic operation, strong through ability of medium, can deliver pulp with some air and similar materials at consistency of 6%. Gap between front and back wear-resisting plate is adjustable. Flow and head is stable. In the same conditions, operation cost for single machine is low.
Product Features:
1.Full open type wide channel impeller, difficult to block up, higher pulp consistency, small axial force, almost no shaking for the overall machine. The weight of impeller is lighter than the that of closed or semi-open type impeller. the radial shear axial stress is small when starting, long service life of all parts, low repair rate. 
2.If not to dismount the pump inlet and outlet pipe, the “push-pull parts” (impeller, wear plate, shaft seal components, bearing frame, etc.) can be removed and installed. 
3.Shaft seal pressure can be effectively decreased to reduce leakage to minimum.
4.The main parts uses lost wax process. Inner wall is smooth. Impeller do G6.3 dynamic balance.
5.It uses JM1J type diaphragm coupling of international standard, so it is convenient for maintenance.
6.There are various sealing methods and materials for choice.


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