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4600/600 Kraft liner board machine-paper machine design

4600/600 Kraft liner board machine-paper machine design


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 4600/600Three-fourdrinier Multi-cylinder Kraft Liner Board Machine
Technical parameter:
1.Paper kinds: Kraft liner board
2.GSM: 110~220g/m2
3.Trim width: 4600mm
4.Working speed: 550m/min
5.Design speed: 600m/min
Performance Features:
1.Headbox: It uses hydraulic stainless steel head box.
The distributing bundle is combined with diffusion tubes.The diffusion tube bundle adopts the diffusion-finally section tube through the precise calculation, horizontal distribution and dispersion to the pulp which is from the inlet pipe so that the pulp has the uniform distribution effect and good dispersion characteristics, which guarantees the quality of paper.The cloth paste machine adopts the conical pipe pulp feeding, the pulp inlet cone pipe is combined of big straight round pipe,conical pipe and small straight round pipe. The conical pipe has the pressure balance show device. The homogenate is a turbulence generator which is combined of fixed hydraulic components and made of shaped steel tube whose inlet section is circular and outlet section is square. Between the pressure screen and the head box installed the pulse reduction tank,itcan reduce the pulsation from flow system significantly so as to improve the paper index.
2.Three-wire fourdrinier forming section: It adopts the cantilever in network case bench, so it is convenient to change wire and can shorten the changing net time.It adopts pneumatic constant tension and guarantee the forming wire in the operation of the tension is constant.
3.Press section: The press section adopts advanced high impulse large roll press. The first nip uses double felts vacuum press,the second nip is double-felt heavy impulse large rolls press, the third nip adopts single felt heavy impulse press.It is totally enclosed paper injection from the forming section to the second nip. It greatly reduces the paper breakage rate. The frame of press section adopts the suspension type heat blanket structure, so as to change the net convenient and shorten the changing net time
4.Dryer section: The first group of dryer cylinder adopts the single tapestry arrangement,so as to reduce the paper breakage rate. Drive of dryer cylinder adopts low noise closed gear box drive and circulating oil lubrication.
5.Calender: The machine adopts single-nip hard calendar, which can guarantee paper front smoothness.
6.Drive section: The complete machine drive section adopts more advanced segment digital transmission frequency control technology, which can guarantee the transmission accuracy of each parts and the operation stability of paper machine.


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