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Air cushion headbox-headbox

Air cushion headbox-headbox


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1.Adaptive speed: 160-500M/min (designed according to requirement).
2.One side conical main pipe isobaric pulp inlet, the cone tube is equipped with isobaric display device.
3.Ladder pipe bundle flow distributing.
4.Dual frequency drive evener roll, evener roll adopts double spiral hole.
5.Lip in rigid structure, equipped with small lip banner quantitative adjustment mechanism of dial indicator display.
6.High strength body structure, ensure stability of the headbox.
Optional configuration:
1.Double acting top lip adjustment mechanism, it can move back and forth to regulate the pulp drop point and spray angle.
2.Electric lip adjustment mechanism.
3.Movable supporting legs.
4.Full automatic computer control of total pressure and pulp level.
5.Automatic lip banner quantitative regulation system.
6.Lip and body constant temperature system.


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