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Commercial Pulp Pulping Process Flow

Commercial Pulp Pulping Process Flow


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 1.The process flow is suitable for softwood pulp,hardwood pulp,chemimechamical pulp,chemical pulp, groundwood pulp,etc.It is used to make writing paper,offset paper,electrostatic copy paper, LWC paper,coated paper, newsprint,etc.It is suitable for wide range of capacity,commercial pulp pulping line of 30-500 tpd. 
2.This process flow includes conveying section, deflaking section, high consistency cleaning section, refining section.
3.Chain conveyor in conveying section is equipped with overload protection device and anti-reverse braking device,which has high safety factor.
4.Deflaking stage adopts S type hydrapulper.S type suction rotor has small diameter,big height,small resistance, severe rotation, pulp consistency is 6%,which can save 20% of the energy consumption.
5.High consistency cleaning section adopts single high consistency cleaner design, protects the following disc grinding equipment.
6.Refining section adopts DD double disc refiner, which adopts constant power or energy consumption control, has stable beating effect,increase the pulp beating degree and wet weight.To have a long service life, parts contacting with pulp are all stainless steel.
7.Choice of the process flow and pulping equipment is based on paper grade, raw material, output, so meeting the customer needs and lowering the running cost is primary.


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