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High consistency-hydrapulper

High consistency-hydrapulper


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High consistency hydrapulper:
High consistency pulper is mainly used for intermittent deflaking and deinking of newsprint, book paper, magazine paper, mixed office waste, etc. The light and heavy impurities can be effectively removed when it is used in conjunction with coarse screen and drum screen.
1.It uses second or third line screw rotor. It has high pulping consistency, effective deinking and wide range of material.
2.Soft pulping will not destroy the impurities, which will make the accepts clean.
3.It is not powerful pulping, so there is little wear and tear, which brings little maintenance costs.
4.When it is used in conjunction with coarse screen and drum screen with PLC automatic control, the removal of light and heavy impurities will be more effective. Also the capacity will be improved.


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