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Hydraulic headbox-headbox

Hydraulic headbox-headbox


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1.Adaptive speed: 325-2000M/min (design according to requirements).
2.One side conical main pipes isobaric pulp inlet, the cone tube is equipped with isobaric display device.
3.Ladder pipe bundle disperseflow distributing.
4.The turbulence generator is composed of special-shaped steel tube and can provide good dispersion ability.
5.Lip in rigid structure, is equipped with small lip banner quantitative fine tuning mechanism displayed by dial indicator.
6.Adjustable bottom lip can be used to adjust pulp drop point and spray angle.
7.High strength body structure, ensure stability of headbox.
8.All pulp surface adopts mirror polishing.
Optional configuration:
1.Electric lip adjustment mechanism
2.Lip mouth floating system, to provide more excellent dispersing ability.
3.Edge flow into the system, effectively improve the paper edge quantitative and fiber distribution.
4.Computerized spraying speed control system.
5.Full automatic dilution water banner quantitative regulation system.
6.Lip plate and box constant temperature system.


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