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Pressure screen-pulper machine

Pressure screen-pulper machine


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Pressure screen:
It is mainly used for continuous screening or fractionation, so as to remove light&heavy impurities and coarse fiber. It is located in 1-stage and 2-stage coarse screen, 1-stage and 2-stage fine screen, 1-stage and 2-stage lip screen, 2-stage approach screen.
1.TGF series pressure screen digests and absorbs Voith technology and Andritz technology, which is leading in domestic.
2.TGF drum rotor matches effectively with corrugated pore screen drum or stick screen drum. It can save energy and increase capacity.
3.TGF fiber fractionating screen can effectively separate the long and short fiber in pulp and use them separately. It can save material and electricity.
4.It is suitable for wide range of pulp material consistency(1.0-3.5%), which realizes medium consistency screen. It can save electricity and water consumption.
5.According to different materials, process location, consistency and pulp material, it is equipped with different rotor and drum, which can maximize output, quality and energy saving.


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