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Waste Paper Pulping Process Flow

Waste Paper Pulping Process Flow


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1.It is suitable for local OCC, AOCC, EOCC, etc. It can be used to make normal corrugated paper, high corrugated paper,cardboard paper, T paper, kraft paper, etc.It can be used as center and bottom pulp of white board paper and coated white board paper.The process flow has wide range of application, suitable for pulping line of 100-1000 t/d.
2.This process flow includes waste paper unpacker section, waste paper deflaking section, high consistency cleaning section, coarse screening section, low consistency cleaning section, fiber fractionation section, fine screening section,washing and thickening section, disc heat dispersion section, refining section.
3.Waste paper unpacking section is mainly to unpack the baled waste paper, which can increase the following pulping capacity by 10-15%; Screen slag of baled waste paper, to extended the service life of wear parts of following equipments(rotor,sieve plate,screen basket).
4.Waste paper deflaking section is mainly to deflake the unpacked waste paper, to remove most light and heavy impurities. Different kind of pulper is chosen for different OCC waste paper material, such as drum pulper, D-type pulper,S-type pulper.
5.High consistency cleaning section adopts combined high consistency cleaner design. 1-stage is run under 3.0-4.0% for continuous slagging, while 2-stage under 1.5-2.0% for low consistency intermittent slagging. It will improve the slagging 
effect, protect the following equipments, and reduce fiber loss greatly.
6.Coarse screen section is composed of F type coarse screen and coarse tailings screen, F type coarse basket rotor and the corrugated hole screen basket are matched together to save energy consumption and increase the output.Coarse tailing screen is complex structure, has both deflaking and screening function; It can remove light and heavy impurities recover fiber.
7.Low consistency cleaning section uses back pulsing low consistency cleaner,can increase the inlet consistency to 1.5% increase the system consistency,save energy by 25%.
8.Fiber fractionation section effectively separates long and short fiber in pulp, use them respectively,save energy consumption.
9.Fine screen section is mainly composed of F type fine screen and fine tailing screen, fine screen basket rotor and corrugated bar screen basket are matched together to save energy consumption,increase the output;Fine tailing screen adopts special tailings backflow technology, to removes the light impurities and recover fiber.
10.water into turbid white water and clean white water, turbid white water to pulp, clean white water to wash net and diluted the pulp.Increase the pulp cleanliness, reduce the wastewater treatment load.11.Disc heat dispersion section and refining section only deal with the long fiber, which save the energy greatly;In condition of high temperature, high consistency, high speed, disc heat dispersion has the best dispersing effect for all kinds of  hot melt adhesive material, asphalt, paraffin. Double disc refiner adopts constant power or energy consumption control, beating  effect is stable, increase the pulp beating degree and wet weight, to meet the paper requirements.
12.Choice of the process flow and pulping equipment is based on paper grade, raw material, output, so meeting the customer needs and lowering the running cost is primary.


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